S_M_Industrial_Civil_Construction2The company offers a service of highly experienced management and employees within the engineering, operations and SHEQ disciplines.

Qualifications and experience include the following:

  • Government Certificate of Competency in Engineering.
  • Draughtsman.
  • Maintenance engineering in heavy industry.
  • Qualified and experienced artisans.
  • All the above have experience of many years is various types of industries.

We offer specialized services such as:S_M_Industrial_Civil_Construction_Conveyor_Belt

  • Engineering Designs, Certifications and Drawing Services.
  • Manufacture, supply and erect of steel structures complete with civil and building work.
  • Civil and building work such as drainage and water channeling systems, walling, reinforced concrete slabs, and foundations.
  • Mechanical and electrical installations.
  • Engineering work which includes but is not limited to: Fitting, Boiler making, machining, pump installations and repairs, supply, repairs and maintenance.
  • Earth moving machinery structural repairs and installations such as buckets, stairs, platforms, hand railings, installation of hydraulic stair cases etc.
  • Custom made trailers.
  • Project management and turnkey projects.